Design a new brandmark and supporting assets that elevate the organization’s brand and push awareness.
SKIP is a non-profit organization helping economically disadvantaged children in Peru, dedicated to quality education and counseling to children and their families, and is comprised of Peruvian and international volunteers. 
An anchor is shown in the logo as SKIP is like an anchor to lives of the children it supports. The anchor also slightly broken apart so that it works as a child on the top and a smile on the bottom.
The outer shape of the logo hints at a compass as SKIP provides much direction to the lives of the children and its family.
A typeface that's very youthful and friendly has been selected, and then has been further customized to support this concept and balance.  
An event at a craft fair designed to promote awareness on SKIP, as well as to engage potential volunteers and donors. 64% of the organization's funding comes from donors and volunteer contributions.
The following chocolate packaging promotes engagement through the physical design, while providing essential information on SKIP as an organization. The chocolate is part of the free giveaway, which is another idea to attract visitors to the booth.
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