Voted Best of Branding in Spring 2018 at Chicago Portfolio School (Branding Class)
Produce a complete brand guideline book with a focus on design that communicates simplicity and quality.
Aldi Sud has historically competed aggressively through price and have become synonymous with affordability. This rebranding, however, emphasizes simplicity and quality to help strengthen Aldi’s strategic growth and perception in the U.S. The design objective will also complement a few key trends of the U.S. grocery market: Fun and inviting, as well as focus on fresh and local.
Aldi's private label designs must align with the it's three objectives: simple, quality, and fresh.
Aldi will operate food trucks that serve fresh food items where the menu changes daily. Only ingredients that can be purchased at Aldi will be used and promoted as part of this promotional activity. This will be a limited time operation in large metropolitan areas to promote the freshness and quality of Aldi.
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